A picture tells 1000 words.
A Droneview tells the rest.

Hi, I’m Dory!

I’m a licensed drone operator and advanced video editor.

I offer drone photography and videography services in Toronto and the GTA. My services consist of 3 parts:

1) I’ll get you brilliantly composed photos and videos captured by drone to show off your project.   

2) I’ll do advanced editing by adjusting colours, light and exposure, and by adding effects to make the clips more eye-catching. 

3) Want an edited video? I’ll merge the clips nicely into a story that flows. I’ll add music, text and/or narration, and carefully decide clip order and speed based on the length you need to showcase your project.

I use the DJI Mavic 3, the world’s most powerful foldable drone. With a stunning 4/3rds CMOS sensor and adjustable lenses, I can highlight your project like never before.

As seen on

Droneview.ca is proud to have partnered with Jenny’s Poets in Motion on their journey to bike 160km to raise awareness about PEComa cancer and fundraise $38,000. Droneview.ca edited the video below and provided drone media of the ride:

I’ll send you what you’re looking for – a collection of high-resolution photos? 15-second clips for Instagram stories? A 3-minute video for YouTube? We’ll work together to get you what you need and think of the best way to share your message. 

I’ll get you edited media in as little as 24 hours after first capturing it on site, and will adjust my services to match your vision and budget. 

Real estate never looked better.

Highlight not just the property, but the whole neighbourhood and its features.

With me, you get:

Drone photo and videography

After planning the shots with you to best capture your vision, I’ll head over to your site and get airborne – capturing brilliant shots of your project.

Customized advanced editing

I use advanced editing tools to make your photos and videos pop and sow them nicely into a story. Colour grading, motion effects and titles included.

Media storytelling that works

I’ll work with you to present the clips in a way that best shares your message. I’ll tailor what I send you to the platform and length your viewers use.

Contact me

Send me a message using the contact field below. Please describe your vision and timeline, and I’ll be in touch with you shortly. You can also contact me directly by phone (416)-824-9555, email (droneview.inquiries@gmail.com), or can book a meeting time directly in my calendar via Calendly.

Let’s get in touch.

In addition to the contact form, I also offer the following contact options:

Very nice and professionally shot. Amazing indeed!


Great work! The drone video was beautiful and showed our project very well.


Amazing quality & views. Thanks so much Dory! Well done.


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